Eric Hoffer (American philosopher )

“Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature”

Our AI Concept

Since when AI meant Art Intelligent! Creativity without intelligence, can it be really applied? Well have a look…

Creativity Techniques

Comparing Art Models used, whether they are simple or complex, or even if they are made to look simple, time to deconstruct to reconstruct. We use something called LSAR.

Quantum Physics & Mechanics

The power of visualisation cannot be underestimated nor overestimated. Find a balance without the feeling of never switching off, why not let things run in parallel!


The power of distortion is incredible if one knows how to understand the action-reaction with ideas, the moment you get a distortion, you’re actually off creating something new.


Use of natural or concocted algorithm techniques that disrupt. Ever thought of influencing your thought process by clinging onto someone or something else!? Not to worry…

Artificial Creativity

How to tweak existing creative thinking processes? Sanity for an artist is a big concern at times, well there is a framework we’ve developed and applied in some enterprises and we’ve baptised it as “antar drishti” framework!

Neuroscience Trends

When every artist is showcasing their own work with their own angles, this is something else, something on top of it. Ever tried what happens when predictive modelling and likelihood models are applied in art!

Projects Completed

In terms of industries, mainly Energy, Retail, IoT, Offices, Venues and IT.

Happy Clients

We enjoy working with clients involved in placemaking, object design and internet of things.

New Stuff

There are always new projects in our pipeline, feel free to add to our workload!

Our Process Of Work

We curate anything that relates to art! There are far too many curators who ignore the application of art in business, marketing and strategy – we focus on that!


We Listen To Understand

Art is about listening, tapping into the current vibes of the business first to then influence, if we need to, we'll advise whether to hit the refresh button or not!


A Marketing Approach Backed By Design

Marketing plays on elements of design that work - whether it's psycology, economics or even irrational behaviour. This area focuses on things that already work, so that you don't need to do the heavy lifting, well we do!


Strategy = Marketing

Well too many know that they need a strategy or strategies, but the question is are they fluid in executing those strategies? Are you applying art techniques to take less siloed and more flexible approach towards reaching those business goals! Well art plays a great role.

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